What happens at the intersection of the Arts and the Sciences? REGISTER YOUR INTEREST here to be the first to receive full details about Birmingham City University’s International STEAM Conference – 2020.

Aimed at all those curious about cross-disciplinary thinking, we invite researchers, innovators, industry representatives, artists and scientists to join us in our discussions in July.

Featuring keynotes, research papers, demonstrations, practical activities and networking – plus a series of STEAM awards recognising pioneering practice – this will be the event to attend to gain insight into how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are working together.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Birmingham City University is recognised as a leader in STEAM thinking with recent achievements including opening STEAMhouse, the UK’s first innovation centre dedicated to Arts and Science practice in 2018, and being nominated as Knowledge Exchange Initiative of the Year in the Times Higher Awards 2019. 

The conference will invite discussions and papers on topics including:

Critical thinking in the Arts and the Sciences

Ways in which the Arts and the Sciences might be considered to overlap/intersect

Definitions of STEAM (approaches, processes, methods across different contexts)

Consideration of the terms cross-, multi-, inter- and trans- and their application to STEAM

How focusing on Arts and STEM perspectives promotes processes of discovery and/or seeing deeper

Notions of beauty in the Arts and the Sciences

How combined Arts and STEM approaches can drive innovation

Solving societal challenges through cross-sector collaboration

Shared Arts and STEM facilities

The practicalities of working across different disciplines in Higher Education

How Higher Education Institutions can support STEAM programmes in Schools

Combined Arts and STEM curricula

Interest is particularly welcome from researchers or industry representatives operating in any of the following areas:

Computer generated art including BigGAN

Automated art

Virtual, mixed and/or augmented reality art

Virtual, mixed and/or augmented reality and play

Game design and development (including serious games)

Coding as a creative pursuit

Emerging technologies and their applications across the Arts and the Sciences, including mobile and wearable technologies

Data visualisation

Empathetic engineering


Makerspaces and interdisciplinarity

Materials and materiality

The boundaries of 3-D printing

Geometry, symmetry, beauty


Bio art

Electroacoustic music

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Join us for the most colourful rave anywhere in Europe for a night of mesmerising visuals and a kaleidoscope of colours.

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Music Policy: DnB // Bass House // Tech House

Strictly 18+ Only

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