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How to avoid seasonal stress at work

The festive season is a great time to relax, see friends and enjoy yourself. However, the lead-up to Christmas can cause unnecessary mental strain, both at home and at work…

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The business secrets of Santa Claus

BCU Advantage takes inspiration from the holiday to explain how every organisation should look at Santa’s business model to achieve success – all year round…

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Five ways your business can become more sustainable

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important across the globe, particularly within business environments. Creating a sustainable workplace will not only benefit the planet, but also your business. With three-quarters of SME staff stating sustainability is important to them, going green can do wonders

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SMEs could be a major force to tackle climate change

Professor Javed Hussain from Birmingham City University hosted a groundbreaking conference examining the financing of green innovative SMEs in Birmingham and the West Midlands. The conference highlighted the need to support innovative small businesses to tackle the climate emergency and

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Improving your business’ resource efficiency

Do you ever consider how efficient your business is when it comes to resource? Do you assess how sustainable your processes are?  Whether it be human resource or physical materials, building a plan for resource efficiency can not only help

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Engaging with talent regardless of your business situation

Whether you’re recruiting, networking or collaborating, engaging with talent is vital to your business, regardless of its size. BCU Advantage takes a look at the different options available to businesses and what’s right for you. Whether you’re a multinational corporation

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