What is a Business incubator?

A business incubator – also known as a start-up incubator – offers you the support you need to turn your business idea into a reality.

Business incubators give you access to excellent facilities, leading business expertise and opportunities to network and build new contacts.

You could be a creative entrepreneur looking for space, a desk, digital connectivity and access to business support.

Please send us an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how we can help.

You might be going it alone after working up a business idea and need additional support, guidance and networks to launch it as a business.

Whatever your background or need, a business incubator gives you the knowledge, skills and facilities to develop and launch your business.

Does this sound like the business start up support you’ve been searching for? Well STEAMhouse business incubator, from Birmingham City University, provides all of this and more.

How Will STEAMhouse business incubator benefit me?

STEAMhouse business incubator gives members immediate access to a wide range of support opportunities, including:

  • Access to all start up incubator facilities and support
  • Dedicated workstations and high speed digital connectivity
  • Collaborative workspace, breakout areas and networking facilities
  • Bookable meeting rooms and workshop theatre
  • Business start-up workshops, guidance and literature
  • Talks from business start-up and growth specialists
  • Business Plan Development support
  • One-to-one Business start-up advice, including legal, accounting and financial
  • On-going mentoring and support for starting your own business from the STEAMhouse business incubator entrepreneur in residence
  • A central Birmingham location, one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial cities
  • A central Birmingham Business Address

Why put STEAM into a business incubator?

Birmingham City University is acknowledged as a thought leader in STEAM, a way of thinking that combines science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

BCU’s principles for STEAM are:

  • Approaching problems and challenges with an open-mind set where every contribution is valued equally
  • Following a facilitated interdisciplinary approach
  • Combining analytical and creative perspectives

BCU continues to explore the potential for STEAM and the principles are being applied to product and business development challenges and ideas in STEAMhouse business incubator. This ensures members receive a unique start up incubator support experience.

How Can I Become A Member?

If you would are looking for business support to start or grow a young business and you are a UK based entrepreneur or a student or graduate of Birmingham City university, we invite you to apply for STEAMhouse business incubator membership.

Please send us an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for using this service? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Is there a charge for using this service?

STEAMincubator offers flexible incubator space for a small monthly fee. This amount is contingent on how long it takes to bring your business idea to life! To learn more about what it takes to become a member, as well as our pricing structure, please enquire today.

Am I eligible to use this service? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

If you meet either of the initial requirements listed below, then please enquire today and a member of the team will get back to you to discuss your suitability for this scheme in further detail.

  • You are a Birmingham City University student or graduate
  • You are a UK based entrepreneur within the Creative Sector and have a strong desire to further develop your business idea with a view to commercialisation

How long will I receive support for? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

With our pre-start package, you will receive a minimum of 2 months intensive support. The length of time you spend in the incubator programme can vary widely on factors such as budget, type of business, expertise or the length of research and development cycles.

Where is STEAMincubator located? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Our dedicated business incubation facility is located in Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham. For full directions please Click Here

What is "GBSLEP" and do I need to be located in this region? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Unlike some of our other business support services, there is no requirement for STEAMincubator members to be located within the GBSLEP region.

"GBSLEP" stands for the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. As well as Birmingham and Solihull, the region covers Lichfield, Cannock Chase, Wyre Valley, East Staffordshire, Redditch and more.

I've made an enquiry, what next? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

A member of the STEAM Incubator team will review your enquiry and be in touch shortly.


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